View Full Version : Google Pledges $30 Million for Private Moon Rover Prize

2007-Sep-13, 07:00 PM
Are you working on anything right now? If you've got a little time to kill between now and 2012, you might want to win the newly announced $30 million prize announced by the X-Prize Foundation and Google. ...

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2007-Sep-14, 02:30 PM
This 'Go for it' attitude is so positive. No other country has the guts that is evident in this endeavour.

2007-Sep-14, 08:58 PM
I sure hope that if someone does sucessfully rise to this challange, and gets photographs of Apollo hardware in situ, they respect those places. Those sites, the machines left there, and even the footprints and tyre marks left there are, in my humble opinion, sacred, and should be left undisturbed forever.