View Full Version : 2-hour star trails with Iridium flares - second attempt

2007-Sep-14, 04:56 AM
OK, so after quite a few hours of editing 50 of the 244 individual images before combining them with Image Stacker, using the Brighten blending option, I have something that is closer to what I had originally planned on producing.

Editing/text frame done in PhotoShop CS. Editing done at 200% image scale for each image, using both the clone stamp tool and the healing brush tool. Final levels and curves applied to "enhance" the image.

Clear skies!


paul f. campbell
2007-Sep-14, 11:06 AM
Lots of work there. It cleaned up pretty good.

2007-Sep-14, 04:30 PM
Wow, all the plane trails gone! Definitely a work of art.

You might want to try increasing the saturation and teaking the color balance to remove some green. Those nasy sodium vapor lamps creat a lot of green noise.

I was playing with the image and PixInsight's background extractor did a good job at limiting the light pollution, I'll post or e-mail the image if you are interested in seeing it.


2007-Sep-14, 11:43 PM
Very nice results Paul.

2007-Sep-15, 06:38 PM
Now that's a labour of love. Nice work Paul.