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2005-Jan-19, 12:22 PM
Rockets look pretty impressive. Huge plumes of smoke and flame billow out of their base, while much further up, their tops, so slowly then oh so quickly, ascend into the heavens. Over in a few moments, the awe inspiring launches are the cumulation of years of analysis and design. Alfred J. Zaehringer and Steve Whitfield in their book '<em><a href="http://www.qksrv.net/click-929448-6300915?url=http://www.countdowncreations.com/bookrocksci.htm">Rocket Science</a></em>' give an insight into some of the more basic design elements. Their perspective, as it were, is literally 'from the trenches' as Zaehringer defended against the V2 rockets of World War II and then went on to assist with the up-rating of the Saturn C5 and the assessment of solid rocket systems. The result is a concise, yet broad overview of rocketry.

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