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2007-Sep-17, 03:14 PM
Just a few pages into Gotz Hoeppe's book, Why the Sky is Blue – Discovering the Color of Life and I was staring into the daytime sky. Sure we all know it's blue, and most of us know why. ...

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2007-Sep-19, 04:09 PM
Ah, but you only think you know why. It is not Rayleigh Scattering! Ok, it is, but only during the daytime. At sunset and twilight, Rayleigh Scattering would have a yellowing effect on the sky, so another effect dominates. The answer lies in that book, which I found very enjoyable.

I feared the book would be too wimpy, but it was loaded with a great deal of science, yet never got too carried away with the heavy stuff. My only regret is that since the blue sky is due to Sun's light, I thought the Sun's true color would be addressed, but nope (or did I miss it?).