View Full Version : Total Lunar Eclipse-28 Aug'07

2007-Sep-21, 05:54 AM

Another Moon shot - with 2 stars this time! Taken at mid eclipse.

Dec 4th-Just added another Moon image processed to show the background of stars, something I have not seen in any other posted eclipse images.(c)Watermarked.

Enjoy and Seasons Greetings to All
Just added one before and one after mid eclipse.

Takahashi FS-102 and a Nikon D200. Seeing was very poor, cloud early on missed the very start of the partial phase, the video recording shows the Moon surrounded by a 'boiling' atmosphere. Little lunar detail.

Clear skies...

2007-Sep-21, 08:59 PM
Beautiful shot. I love the color and the stars at the top of the image.

2007-Sep-21, 11:46 PM
It sure is! Well done Shevill. Another keeper

2007-Sep-22, 04:44 AM
Frame that one!

That's what I wish my eclipse shots would come out like but they never do.

This eclipse was clouded out however. So I can say this is how mine would have looked like if it had been clear. I think my nose is growing.


paul f. campbell
2007-Sep-22, 11:15 AM
Hi shevill. Way to go. Great photo. I captured a few nice photos of the eclipse. Congrats on the post clear skies to you Paul.

2007-Sep-23, 07:57 AM
Not one of my shots even came close. Beautiful work. What exposures did you use at totality?

Kind regards