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2007-Sep-22, 03:23 PM
Just a quick one.

Anyone know how to get starry nights pro plus 6 to default to Equatorial (Jnow) instead of Alt-Az in the "gaze" box?

I've tried the select EQ Jnow and save options as default, but it never seems to remember.

2007-Sep-22, 06:26 PM
I have Starry Night, but it's at home now and I'm at work--but I think mine is set to Equatorial (possibly J2000, I can't remember), so it must be possible.

I would have thought "save as default" would work, but if it doesn't, try, I think it's File -> Preferences, and you get 6 or 7 categories of options--it might be one of those. These preferences do not need to be "saved"--just change them and they stick.

Truly, I have been annoyed at Starry Night's separation of different kinds of options (like MS Outlook), so you have to go multiple places to change things permanently.


2007-Sep-22, 07:48 PM
darn--I'm home now and tried--and I remembered wrong--the "gaze" does show "alt-az" and I can find no way to change that permanently.


2007-Sep-23, 11:34 AM
me either, i've looked everywhere i can think of, i fully agree with you about the way everything option related is scattered about. Pain in the Ar$e!

Still a cracking bit of software though, i used to use google earth, tried starry night and realised how limited google earth actually is.

Ah well, i suppose its not the end of the world that it reads alt-Az, simply hovering over the item you have interest gives all the Co-ord's andyway.