View Full Version : Spica & Mercury Conjunction

2007-Sep-23, 06:46 AM

Quite by chance I spotted this pair at 16 degrees to my western horizon, as I was looking at the smoke & sky glow from Hobart's biggest CBD store fire, just 12 km away from my observatory in a straight line. Destroyed a 100 plus year old original Meyer store.

I have never seen this particular conjunction before, so pretty pleased. My exposures were a bit on the short side, Canon 350D with Canon 70 to 200 F2.8L zoom lens at 200 at f/2.8, for 2 seconds at 100 ISO.

Clear skies...

2007-Sep-23, 07:53 AM
Excellent ! I saw this last night but hadn't heard about it. I checked it out and the pair were at less than 0.1 degree. Great work!

Kind regards,

Keith g
2007-Sep-23, 10:28 AM
They are really close alright!


2007-Sep-23, 11:19 PM
Very nice capture of this unique event, Well done Shevill and Clear Skies