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2007-Sep-25, 03:44 PM
The red planet is so close we can almost taste it. Probes, landers and robots extend our reach into its exotic terrain. To tease us even more, Discovery Channel is running the show 'Race to Mars'. ...

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2007-Sep-25, 06:53 PM
I must say after watching the first episode of this two part documentary, I was very impressed with the way it was made. They managed to keep a year long space voyage interesting for an hour and a half. This show makes up for the series on American History Channel on the solar system that we don't get here in Canada

2007-Sep-25, 06:56 PM
I felt they rushed the plot line.
I mean, from Earth past Venus to 30 days on Mars in two hours. They left a lot of highlights out.
Wouldn't you be nose pressed against a porthole as you swung by Venus?

Plus the crew seemed like they just met before launch. I would expect them to be best buds at launch. Instead suspicions from the start.

I thought I heard the finale is next Sunday? The promo comercials had more air time.

But hey it beats Dancing with the Morons or whatever.

2007-Sep-26, 12:56 AM
Before we can go to Mars, we must first go to the moon. If we want to get to Mars we must learn how to survive in space and develop a whole new range of technology, including computers, thrusters and methods on how we survive in space.

If we don't do that, we aren't going anywhere expect earth close orbit (300 km max).

2007-Oct-19, 07:37 PM
When will it come on in the states?

2007-Oct-24, 01:55 PM
I'm enjoying the "Mars Rising" series much more.

2007-Oct-25, 12:20 AM
Sounds great. Hope I can catch it sometime. My mind spends a lot of time on Mars.
My body would like to follow.

2007-Dec-14, 08:07 PM
So this and Mars Rising were two different programs?