View Full Version : Deep Impact... the Second Visit

2007-Sep-27, 06:34 PM
When Deep Impact smashed into Comet Tempel 1, it did its job well... too well. Yes, it did carve out a crater on the surface of the comet, releasing a plume of debris visible from here on Earth. ...

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2007-Sep-30, 08:19 AM
But what size and depth of crater was left behind?

And when it's found to be solid rock...?

2007-Sep-30, 10:46 AM
I don't think that plume was ejected from any sort of solid rock area. Dry dust and super cold, light snow both have that action ability. I am anxious to see it too! :clap:

2007-Oct-02, 06:12 PM
The method used to determine the mass/density of Tempel 1 was very iffy; essentially they measured the trajectory of particles ejected by the impact. However, since the observing probe closed its eyes shortly after impact, there is uncertainty in the amount of time ejecta was being lifted from the surface.

We will have to set up a pool on this...