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2003-Jul-19, 04:43 PM
Anyone here remember an old cartoon from the 80's called Inhumanoids? I never saw The Core, but this show puts any "beneath the earth" sci fi to shame. It involves a band of scientist called "earth corps" who wear alrge robotic powersuits and invesitage "Strage phenomenon" under the earths surface. The characters are total stereotypes. Their leader is a basic captain kirk type, one is anew agey almost hippie like guy, one is a staunch realistic skeptic, and one is the trash talking guy with a bad attitude who serves as comic relief by means of some of the most asbrud jokes ever. Their oppenents are giant humanoid mosneters called "inhumanoids", which consits of the strange undead creature with a t rex skull as a head called decompose, the giant plant monster tendril and the indesructable "metlar" whos only weakness is magnetism. tendril looks like a mix between cthulhu and a weeping willow while metlar has a typical "demon" look, with horns and everything. I know its just a cartoon, but some things in this show were REALLY absurd. First off, aside from all the tunnels under the earth being well lit with perfectley level floors, it only took them a matter of hours to get to the center of the earth. Under the earth we get to see all sorts of ancient ruins built by rock creatures called teh granites, as well as other mysterious structures with no clear origin. Perhaps most amusing is the core of the earth itself. A large ball of molten, soemthing or other, which floats in the middle of a giant chamber. Amusingly, this thing doesn't give off any signifigant amount of light, anymore thana 60 watt bulb and even humans can stand around no less than 50 feet from it without any ill effects. Its also no bigger than a small office building. The plot of the first 5 episodes is particulalry silly. Metlar and the inhumanoids steal some russina nukes and are going to fire them at the core, which will somehow cause the etnire planet to become molten or ruined, its never too clear on what the exact outcome will be.

AQs cheesy as it is, I loved the show due to nostalgia reasons and my general affinity of 80s fantasy and sci fi. Its amusing for its bad science and even more absurd dialouge. Not to mention that they get lines and voice actors wrong for characters in some scenes.

2003-Jul-20, 04:52 PM
I do remember an early episode of The Inhumanoids where one of the characters says, "We're coming up on the moho discontinuity layer" -- exept he pronounces it mojo! :P