View Full Version : NGC6514 (M20) The Trifid Nebula

2007-Sep-29, 08:37 PM
Hi Everyone, Lots of time to processed images taken months ago after recovery of my hard disk data. Since the weather here in the tropics is rain every day why not catch-up. Hope you like it and Clear Skies

2007-Sep-29, 09:07 PM
That came out very well!

That was the very first object I tried in color with my current set-up. I still didn't know what I was doing as to color processing. Also I found the Meade focuser couldn't carry the weight of the STL-11000 without sagging. So stars were always horrid someplace in the image depending on where I was pointed. Your shot reminds me I need to redo it now that I have the camera rigid on the scope. But from 47 north it is always down where seeing is lousy. Guess I need to move to Puerto Rico or at least a lot farther south.


2007-Sep-29, 09:22 PM
Nice! :) Even the thumbnail looks great.

2007-Sep-30, 03:45 AM
Thanks Rick,Bellatrix. Rick give it a try on the next showing. :) Clear Skies

2007-Sep-30, 09:30 AM
Just beautiful... and 20 min unguided. Masterful.

Kind regards

2007-Sep-30, 09:55 AM
Thanks Matt, Actually the subs were of 30sec or else blooming takes into effect. Pretty bright stars in this region. Clear Skies

2007-Sep-30, 10:00 AM
Thanks for the expalnation and lesson Efrain.

Kind regards

Kyle Edwards
2007-Sep-30, 03:26 PM
Great image!

2007-Oct-08, 12:24 AM
Thanks Kyle, Sorry for the late response, was on a business trip.