View Full Version : 34th Annivesary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing!

2003-Jul-20, 08:04 PM

Ask Jeeves has a nice thing on this. 34 years ago...long time, I think. Then again I'm also just 19, so what do I know?

2003-Jul-20, 08:10 PM
The landing was a day before my first birthday! Glad I was alive then. :D

2003-Jul-20, 08:51 PM
Happy belated birthday, then! 35, is it? *grabs the paintball gun* To the fields!

2003-Jul-20, 09:32 PM
I still remember watching Walter Cronkite reduced to saying, "Oh, boy!" over and over again as the lunar module approached the landing site, and Armstrong's ghostly white leg reaching down the ladder and out to touch the Moon. I was nine years old.

2003-Jul-20, 10:42 PM
Happy belated birthday, then! 35, is it? *grabs the paintball gun* To the fields!

Not belated yet. Tomorrow is the big day for me!

Um, excuse my denseness, but paintball gun???? :-s

2003-Jul-21, 12:05 AM
Der...my mind is nonfunctional.

Yes, a paintball gun! To have a paintball match with! Hey, that would be a good duel....

2003-Jul-21, 03:06 AM
There's a photo of me, as an eight month old, sitting in front of a copy of the newspaper from Neil Armstrong's hometown, announcing his landing on the Moon. (I grew up in Ohio.) Apparently, my father drove to Waupakaneta and got a copy of the paper. I've no idea what happened to the paper or the photograph. I remember Apollo 17 and some of the Skylab missions. (I can remember arguing with my older brother that we were stupid for cancelling the Moon missions, whilst 17 was going on.)