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2003-Jul-20, 08:54 PM
Hey folks, me again.

For astronomy class reseach paper, I decided to do Apollo 11: Technological, Political, and Human Achievements. 5-10 pages.

I think I'll have more than enough information availible for this project. Does anyone know of any good books that cover some of this?

2003-Jul-20, 09:29 PM
Burrows' This New Ocean is probably the best book I've encountered on the political side of the space program. It's huge, but you probably don't need to read the whole thing for what you're doing.

Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon by Reynolds is an excellent general overview that covers both the history and the technology.

A Man on the Moon, by Andrew Chaikin, may be the best single book on Project Apollo, but it's told mostly from the astronauts' perspective.

There are plenty of other books as well, but if I had to pick three for what you're doing, those would be the ones.

2003-Jul-20, 09:32 PM
*bows* Domo arigato gozaimasu!

2003-Jul-20, 09:43 PM
Also, don't forget to read Encyclopedia Astronautica (http://www.astronautix.com). That will cover the technological angle quite thoroughly.

Donnie B.
2003-Jul-20, 11:29 PM
Apollo: The Race to the Moon is my favorite, but you'll have to look in the library (it's out of print, and you can't have my copy :P ). It focuses on two less-appreciated aspects of the program: project management and mission control. Both of these were crucial to success, but much less glamorous than the astronauts and hardware.

You've taken on a big task. You can't look at Apollo 11 in isolation; it was just one mission in a long sequence, and its goals were limited to landing and returning. However, it did fulfil Kennedy's mandate to land and return before the end of the 1960s. That aspect could be your jumping-off point -- why did Kennedy make that commitment? How confident was he that it could be achieved? What were the consequences of failure? What technology was needed that didn't exist in 1961? How did the technology shape the kind of people who flew the mission and backed them up on the ground? Was the mission itself a triumph of the human spirit, or a reflection of the "soullessness" of the machine age?

Okay, now keep that under 10 pages, if you can!! :o

2003-Jul-25, 09:00 PM
I love the Vermont State College system. Interlibrary loan, bay-bee! :D

I just requested all four books listed here, and they are all availible from the VT College libraries. In aboot 4 days, I'll have the books open and taking notes! 8)

Donnie B.
2003-Jul-26, 01:49 AM
Good luck with your paper. I'd be interested in how it turns out. Will you post some excerpts here?

2003-Jul-26, 08:45 AM
As for some of the technnology side, I quite recommend:

Moon Lander by Tom Kelley and Chariots for Apollo by Joshua Stoff and Charles Pelligrino. Both of these books deal with the development and use of the Lunar Module. Kelley is a bit dry at times but both books are excellent sources of material on the LM.

2003-Jul-26, 03:46 PM
I'll be more than happy to create a link and have the paper availible for all to read. Did that with my last paper, too. Helped for critiqueing, too.

Now I need to find a better host than Geocities...I have an idea. I'll create a page which has the paper linked to it, and post the page link here. Bypasses Geocities' restrictions.

2003-Jul-30, 12:02 AM
Well, I received This New Ocean today. :o Big book. I'll see what I can garner out of the pages.

2003-Jul-30, 12:49 AM
Well, I received This New Ocean today. :o Big book. I'll see what I can garner out of the pages.

Yes, maybe I should have given you some forewarning. But it does do a good job on the political side.

Mokele Mbembe
2003-Jul-30, 01:16 AM
Buzz Aldrin wrote a boook on his experiences... I forget what it's called though...