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2007-Oct-19, 02:08 AM
Last night a took a few friends outside to show them the Winged Horse (I live at 35 S latitude). “Is that it’s head?”, “no that’s its legs”, “is it a dead horse?” etc etc.

Has any one ever attempted to re draw the constellations from the southern perspective? I don’t mean renaming them but if you look at Pegasus from here you can certainly see a horse. Epsilom for the head, Mu and Eta for the front legs, Andromeda for the back legs, Pisces for the rider. Cant see a tail yet, might have to wait for a new star.
I think it would be fun to make up a southern sky chart mapping the constellations into recognizable shapes.

Volans.. the flying fish which is actually a kite with a string.
Cygnus and Aquila still look like birds so we’ll leave them be.
Delphinus the dolphin that looks like a 3 wood.
Lyra the Lyre that is a square balloon with Vega as the basket.
Taurus the Bull that’s more like a tuning fork.
Orion. I thinks its sort of funny with his legs wiggling upside down, however everyone knows the belt and sword as ‘the saucepan’.

Up there you have ‘Little Bear’ and ‘Big Bear’ but I can’t see them.

I found a koala sitting in a tree eating a gumleaf (NGC 2516) but that is a tad obscure.


ps: and dont ask 'what have you been taking, I want some'...

2007-Oct-19, 02:19 AM
I mapped out 88 constellations on my room wall when I was a kid.

I got in a lot of trouble for it too:p (crazy folks)

I can't say I ever felt compelled to reclassify them into modern themes though. I did study up on the mythology and histroy in their making but...

The Idea of looking up at the 9-Iron constellation rather disturbs me...

ETA: And Orion will be called the Caddy.