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2007-Oct-21, 01:55 AM
The clouds literally rolled in as I drove back from Melbourne with my new LX75 SN 8", my first equatorial mount. Three days later the sky cleared and I set up with a rough polar positioning and 'trained the drives' as Meade instructed, entered the relavant time and lat. long. data and used the automatic two star alignment function. I pushed the button and the scope slewed to about two degrees from the first target star The second was in the field of view. I spent the next two hours at blissful play, then just for a try, grabed my digital camera and took some afocals of Tuc 47. 20 mm lens f4 15s exposure at ISO400, (All I can get from my little digi). Very fuzzy and I know I have to tighten up and practice my alignment but I just couldnt help but post some first light. Thumb is REALLY compressed. Full below.

Kind regards


2007-Oct-29, 06:37 PM
Nice pic Matt.

47 TUC is another great object we can't see up here. :sad:

2007-Oct-30, 02:10 PM
Very nice photo on your first light Matt, Know your equipment well and the results will be Great Welldone. Clear skies

2007-Oct-31, 11:26 PM
Thanks for the encouragement. My second night was better but the skys just don't want to co-operate. Keep posting those shots of Holmes, it only clears my horizon by 3 degrees.

Kind regards