View Full Version : Earliest Chinese solar eclipse

2007-Oct-23, 07:28 AM
There is a curious ambiguity concerning the date of the first solar eclipse recorded by Chinese astronomers. The article written by Tammy Plotner refers to the 22. Oct 2136 B.C. but does not mention if it is a Julian or Gregorian Date:
Using the guide software I found that there was a (partial) solar eclipse observable from the Northeast of China on (Gregorian) 22. October -2135 (which is 2136 B.C.) and an annular solar eclipse on (Julian) 22. October -2136 (which is 2137 B.C.) that was observable during sunrise in the eastern part of China. I guess it was this eclipse which was mentioned by the Chinese astronomers, but it did happen a year earlier than given in the article!