View Full Version : Cordless telephones and towerblocks

2007-Oct-28, 09:46 AM
Where I live in a towerblock, built in the 1960's About two years ago IIRC, I tried to use a digital cordless telephone, but they did not seem to work and was informed at the time that certain building materials used in such tower blocks interfered with digital cordless phones.

The batteries in my analogue cordless phone seem to be on the way out, as recently while having the phone just off of the charger from about 20:00, by 05:00 the battery low light was triggering.

Looking through the catalogues for Cordless phones they all seem digital

Has anyone come across this issue with digital cordless phones being hampered by the fabric of the building they are used in.

2007-Oct-28, 07:30 PM
I have attached a picture taken on my cell of the battery pack for the telephone. They appear to be the size of three AAA sized batteries.