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2007-Oct-28, 07:51 PM
Okay, something very, very weird happened a few hours ago. I was in the basement of the house where the youth group at my church meets, when I saw this old army trunk off in a corner with "Richard M. Hoagland, captain ADG 01000785" stamped on the side and top.
So I freaked out, but then I realized that the middle intial wasn't the same. The lady who owned the house said she'd gotten it from some guy who her parents had rented from a long time ago. She said that her son kept Michael Jordan memoribillia in there, but I didn't get to see, because the chest was locked.
Weird experience, just wanted to share it. By the way, what does ADG mean?

2007-Oct-28, 07:59 PM
The spookiest Halloween story I've heard this year.

Donnie B.
2007-Oct-28, 08:14 PM
ADG could be Air Defense Group, or (if the trunk is of WWII vintage) Air Depot Group (or Aviation Depot Group).

2007-Oct-28, 09:02 PM
From the lady's age, I'd say it could be from World War II.