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2007-Oct-28, 08:50 PM
I just joined this forum so hello!
I uploaded my recently completed essay on a static universe at myspace.com/fantafob (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=241536800&blogID=323210673)and would appreciate any comments.
My main comments would be regarding a possitive and negative universe co-existing. Each drawing energy from eachother, so anti-matter would exist in a positive universe, while matter would exist in a negative universe.

This was my first essay so the layout and wording may not be seen as entirely scientific, so any comments on that would also be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

2007-Oct-29, 02:02 AM
This topic seems better suited for ATM.

Fantafob, welcome to BAUT. Please acquaint yourself with the Rules for Posting (http://www.bautforum.com/about-baut/32864-rules-posting-board.html) and especially the Advice (http://www.bautforum.com/against-mainstream/16242-advice-atm-theory-supporters.html) and Policies (http://www.bautforum.com/against-mainstream/54741-new-policies-regarding-against-mainstream-section.html) for ATM.

2007-Oct-29, 08:08 AM
You need observational evidence that both supports your predictions and contradicts alternative explanations - and try to avoid cherry picking. The occasional bizarre observation is more suspect than the overwhelming majority.

John Mendenhall
2007-Oct-29, 02:53 PM
Your Myspace is not part of BAUT, and I for one am unwilling to visit non-BAUT social sites. Exactly what ATM idea are you espousing?

2007-Oct-29, 05:29 PM
...my recently completed essay on a static universe...
Welcome to the board. May I suggest you toss your idea of a static universe into the dustbin, where the rest of the scientific community tossed it 50 years ago due to confirming observations that the universe is NOT static?

2007-Nov-11, 03:11 PM
Here's my theories using the fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics to "prove" the existence of parallel twin universes - Positive Universe and Negative Universe that resides in the same space-time (energy-entropy) continuum: