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Jeff Root
2007-Nov-02, 12:12 AM
After accidentally deleting most of the files and folders on
the C: drive of my desktop computer, I was given a secondhand
Dell laptop made in 1998. It came with original Windows 95
and some software installed by Dell and by the previous owner.
He removed any interesting personal stuff he may have had on
the hard drive, and I removed a number of bits and pieces he
didn't bother with, including fragments of programs that were
apparently only partially uninstalled.

It also came with Internet Explorer 5.5 installed.

When I go to the Internet Properties dialog box, Content tab,
and click on the My Profile button, a largish, square window
pops up. This window is completly empty and the title bar is
blank, obviously indicating that I removed something I should
not have. When I close the window, another dialog box pops
up named "jeff Properties". I believe it got my name from my
earlier having typed it into the input box on that same tab,
to replace the name of the previous owner.

The empty window which pops up looks identical to a window
that pops up when I click the "Members" button on BAUT's menu
bar, or when I go to the Wikipedia main page. I suspect that
those pages are requesting some personal info about me from
the laptop. In these cases, clicking the Close button only
makes the window go away for an instant, and it pops up again.
The window can be moved, but it is permanently on top and will
not relinquish focus, so my only option is to Ctl-Alt-Del and
End Task on Internet Explorer, which gets rid of the blank

Can anyone tell me what is supposed to be in that window?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

Jeff Root
2007-Nov-04, 04:19 AM
Pretty please, with natural sucrose on top?

-- Jeff

2007-Nov-04, 05:03 AM
If you can get your hands on the OS disk and put it in the drive, you can either run it as "Repair" or transfer the deleted files. However you would need to be sure to get them all and pu them in their proper place.

The next option is to back up all files you don't want to lose- and reload the OS.

All things considered, you may have a lot of trouble with IE 5.5 at this point anyway.

Is upgrading that laptops OS an option?