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torque of the town
2007-Nov-04, 05:28 PM
The Moon a Biography by Dr David Whitehouse(BBC Science Correspondent) his first book

Since the dawn of time, the moon has exerted a tremendous influence over the earth and its inhabitants, both scientifically and artistically. The earliest astronomers expended much energy in their attempts to map the moon and imagine what it must be like to travel there, and globally the moon has a central role in virtually all mythologies, from Amazonian Indians to the ancient Egyptians to the Celts. Poets, painters and musicians have taken the moon as the inspiration for great extraordinary works of art. The myriad of stories - peopled with extraordinary characters like Galileo, the 12th century monk Gervase of Canterbury and Van Eyck - and fascinating science which this tale comprises have now been brought together in this volume.

Highly recommended.