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2007-Nov-04, 06:42 PM
This is what P17/Holmes looked like at 8:30 pm PDST from my backyard in the Los Angeles suburbs looking NE at abour 35 degree elevation. Visual was m=+3.5 in this direction. This is one 15 sec exposure of ten using a Canon a530 5 Mpixel camera at f/2.6 and iso100, wide angle with a fixed (non-tracking) tripod. The field of view is 41x54 degrees! The pleiades are just clearing the mountains in the lower right corner.

The levels were stretched 0-25 in PhotoShop to bring out the details. No background subtraction. The star magnitude depth of this photo is a little past mv=+6. Downsampled to 1.3 Mpixel to fit size limit of this web site.

The 5 Mpixel full scale picture gets more interesting if zoomed in at 100 percent. Although the picture looks simple, it is good enough to do simple aperture photometry and astrometry relative to the bright stars in the field. Pretty good for a Point&Shoot camera.


2007-Nov-04, 07:19 PM
Nice shot, love the pleiades rising on the horizon.

2007-Nov-05, 10:46 PM
You could easily see it on this wide shot, Welldone Hha

2007-Nov-06, 02:46 PM
Nice shot, love the pleiades rising on the horizon.

Seconded! That's a beautiful picture. Thanks for posting and we'll be looking for further pics.

Welcome to the forum hha!