View Full Version : Night sky 500 million years ago

2007-Nov-07, 05:52 PM
How did the night sky 500 million years ago differ from today's?

And the night sky 500 million years in the future?

2007-Nov-07, 06:37 PM
We don't know the specifics. That was two or a little more galactic orbits ago. The star density in the sky was probably similar to what we see today. The average brightness probably wasn't much different. Few of the individual stars would be the same, and the large dusty clouds obscuring our view of the center of the galaxy would be in somewhat different places. The Moon was a little closer, but the over all impression of the Moon's size wouldn't be much different to the unaided eye.

The future, same thing.

2007-Nov-07, 06:43 PM
It was partly cloudy with an expected low of 63F. The greys had finished their seeding and were preparing for liftoff.

2007-Nov-07, 06:48 PM
But in 500 million years it may be too hot to live