View Full Version : November New Moon Spotting

2007-Nov-07, 11:08 PM
Another lunation will soon be upon us, meaning a fresh opportunity to spot the New Moon. The Moon will be in geocentric longitudinal conjunction with the Sun on 2007 NOV 09 at 23:03 UT. However, we are still in that period of the year in which spotting a very young Moon after sunset is virtually impossible for those of us north of the tropics. The position of the ecliptic works against us during the months around the autumnal equinox. Added to that, the Moon will be well south of the ecliptic due an effect of the lunar 18.6-year nodal cycle. And being near apogee means a Moon that progresses slowly each day.

So forget spotting a one-day-old Moon this month, if youíre north of the tropics. At my location near Chicago on NOV 10, both the Sun and Moon will set at 16:36 CST, despite the Moon being 24 hours old. The Moon at that time will be nearly 6į south of the ecliptic, while the ecliptic slants well to the left of the Sun.

That means for most of us our first opportunity will come with the two-day-old Moon on NOV 11. For North Americans shortly after sunset on that day the Moon will be a degree or two to the lower left of the bright star Antares in Scorpius. Also the Moon will be about 13į to the lower right of Jupiter.

Iíve created a graphic that may help you locate the Moon after sunset on NOV 11. Itís specific for Arlington Heights, IL 25 minutes after sunset, but should well serve most North Americans. It can be seen by clicking: http://www.curtrenz.com/astronomical.html

Photos and descriptions of the young Moon would be welcome additions to this thread. :)