View Full Version : Spitzer Sees a Baby Star Blowing Bubbles

2007-Nov-09, 07:00 PM
A new image released from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a baby star blowing bubbles, just like, I guess, a kid with bubblegum. But let's see your kid hurl out material hundreds of kilometres a second across light-years of space. ...

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Tim Thompson
2007-Nov-09, 11:12 PM
That's my group. We have been working on outflow sources, trying to find one that shows off the value of our resolution enhancement software. This is the one that came out best, and it really is impressive. I created the basic image, but Velu (http://science.jpl.nasa.gov/people/Velusamy/) selected the color stretch for presentation. One of the things that really caught our eye right off the bat was the narrow but obvious jet that strikes out to the lower right from the bright primary star. That jet is not evident above the noise in the mosaic images, but comes out nicely in the deconvolution, and is also nicely aligned with the outflow lobes that we can see. This kind of deconvolution is primarily intended to separate point sources from the surrounding extended emission, but turns out to do a very nice job of revealing features in the image that are hard to see in straight mosaic images.

2007-Nov-11, 02:01 AM
Thanks Tim, for the pic and your insights...