View Full Version : Now the mars is finely decorating the eastern sky

2007-Nov-14, 11:03 AM
I am talking about the mars' observation in the evening, when I tried to see from a telescope the mars is some what tilt as was before, it was on yesterday the mars I have observed somewhat different, it was not exactly tilt as we look saturn, but when we look the moon, we can find that moon's photo getting "exact change of the front view design of the moon from the sun". May be the mars will come more close in the month of december. Somewhere I read that mars will just look like a moon.!!

The mars is interesting planet, I think the intensity of the emissions from the mars' surface may be observe from the earth when it is coming more closer to the earth.

I don't think that when it is coming closer to the earth, it will drop any planetory impact on the earth. But if we think that it may look like our moon, then in this condition the shadow of the mars' may also be arrive on earth, in that case we can say that the earth is going to receive a "mars eclipse".

Its colour is just look like a red gem in the ring.

2007-Nov-14, 11:37 AM
It's impossible to see a Mars "eclipse" (or a better word to use "transit") from earth because Mars is not inferior to earth, i.e. earth's orbit is closer to the sun than Mars' orbit.

I have no scope but I've seen Mars several times in Star Parties. My pair binoculars can also vaguely show the red/orange color of the planet.