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2003-Jul-30, 07:19 PM
While searching for material on moon bases, I found this gem.


I bet Jay will have a field day.

2003-Jul-30, 07:25 PM
It encourages the reader to come to his own conclusion does it?

Laser Jock
2003-Jul-30, 07:27 PM
About the Author
An independent scientist and researcher, Philippe Lheureux has been the acclaimed host of popular TV shows and websites. He has also developed several well-known games for the Internet and on CD-ROM.While professionally Lheureux specializes in computer technology, it was his deep love of science in general that drew him to the NASA photos of the moon. And it was his broad scientific training that propelled him to a deeper analysis when he noticed discrepancies in the famous photos of the Apollo missions.

He looks to be a computer programer. Does anyone know anything else about him? It looks to me that he will just bring up the same tired arguements. #-o [-X [-X #-o

Laser Jock
2003-Jul-30, 07:28 PM
It encourages the reader to come to his own conclusion does it?

With a title like that, I think his conclusion is pretty obvious.

2003-Jul-30, 08:16 PM
...he believes that the photographs appear enhanced and potentially altered in some way.

Well some are.

..acclaimed host of popular TV shows and websites.

He hosts websites. :)

He seems to believe only some of the photos are staged according to this BBC article (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/not_in_website/syndication/monitoring/media_reports/1399132.stm)

2003-Jul-30, 08:35 PM
Website for the book:


2003-Jul-30, 09:06 PM
For those (like me) that don't parle vous, www.babblefish.com does a halfway decent job of translating French to English. :D

2003-Jul-30, 09:16 PM
Yes, we already discussed this guy in connection with this article


Basically it's as we suspect: he's a guy with no applicable qualifications or experience who, according to his ad hoc image "analysis" techniques, has concluded the photos were faked. And surprisingly his findings are pretty much verbatim what other hoax believers have offered.

The only twist he offers is the reason why he says we have faked photos. He doesn't dispute that we really went, just that the "real" photos are classified for some reason.

His publicity materials say he got the photographs from "NASA's official site," meaning he -- like all the other charlatans -- is trying to do image analysis on far-generation JPEGs scanned by who-knows-who.

According to some, M. Lheureux is a photographer. According to others he's a "technologist". Just who is he?

From the Amazon review:

In fact, he maintains that it is far easier to raise questions than to find answers.

Of course. Questions can be raised by even the most inattentive, ill-informed, and malicious people. That's the easy part. Why does he think he deserves credibility for doing it?