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2007-Nov-21, 12:20 AM
Just spreading the word, from the BA Blog: Where (else) has the BA book been? (http://www.badastronomy.com/bablog/2007/11/20/where-else-has-the-ba-book-been/):

So, do you own a copy of the book? Take a picture of yourself holding it in some fun location, send it to me (http://www.badastronomy.com/info/contact), and Iíll post it [at BadAstronomy.com]. But hurry! In a year the second book will be out and Iíll forget all about the first one.

2007-Nov-21, 02:50 PM
But I don't own a copy...

torque of the town
2007-Nov-26, 02:43 PM
But I don't own a copy...

That is a banning offense :lol:

2007-Nov-26, 10:28 PM
That is a banning offense
So ban the owners of all the nearby bookstores. I've looked for it, but they don't have it.

2007-Dec-17, 12:56 AM
Borrow a copy from a library. If it's a famous library have your picture taken right there.

I gave away my copy. I have a picture but to make my apartment sufficiently famous I'd probably have to face a life prison sentence.


2007-Dec-20, 03:53 PM
From another thread:

(Note "he" has the very rare hard copy edition.)