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Magnificent Desolation
2002-Mar-06, 12:10 PM
Jay has created a superb debunking of the David Milne article touring the Internet.

Jay´s debunking is at:

However a second person has created a detailed debunking of the very same article (about our friend Ralph Rene).

Check it out at:


A quote (and it´s really only a QUOTE, even though it looks like a lot of text):

"I could go on at length, but the best response is that we all know this guy - he lives in a basement somewhere, nothing interesting has ever happened to him, he has only ever had one idea, and no matter what the evidence is he isn't about to give up on it.
He hasn't nearly enough imagination to comprehend the vast and dedicated organization which put men on the moon, although he can just about manage a huge and perfectly secret conspiracy which makes ludicrous mistakes and and yet gets away with a monstrous fraud for well over thirty years.
And for every idiot spouting nonsense there are always a dozen media types ready to fabricate and ignore the evidence to create a good story.

PostScript: I have been informed by a number of otherwise rational people that having seen a TV special on the subject they seriously doubt that the Apollo program was real.
I am touched by the childlike faith of the general public that whatever they see on television is true, although in my experience the exact opposite is the case. Do you really think that you can get the truth from people who want every story to be exciting enough to make you buy beer and deodorant?
Humans get most of their information visually, and it is difficult to fake what we can see in front of us. Our spoken language is easy to manipulate and is trusted much less than sight, which is very hard to convincingly adulterate and is traditionally held to be absolutely reliable.
Unfortunately a lot of people have extended their belief in the inviolability of visual information to television, which looks like reality but is actually a toxic stew of half-truths and misinformation used by those utterly without principles to sell merchandise and opinions, without any regard for the consequences.
It is tempting to think that just because you have seen a picture you understand everything in human history which led up to it, but you are very naive if you believe anything at all without at least checking some of the facts.
And if you believe what you see on TV you are just an idiot. "

(End of quote)

"Magnificent Desolation"

2002-Mar-06, 02:34 PM
For those of you who may not read the preface to my response to David Milne, let me hasten to say I had a very nice correspondence with Mr. Milne some months ago.

He's not a hoax believer.

He's a writer who lives in Scotland. He contributes articles gratis to a newspaper that's published by the homeless in order to give them something meaningful to do and to teach them marketable skills. He wrote the article simply as a tabloid-style attention-getter, to get people to read the newspaper. He never expected anyone to take it seriously.

In fact, Mr. Milne is considerably amused at the exposure his article has enjoyed. He's apparently amused that there are so many people so disconnected with reality that they would take it seriously.

2005-Oct-21, 05:28 PM
Sounds like Mr. Milne is a right old chap, I would be amused too to have such a thing occur. :)