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2007-Nov-28, 06:20 AM
Gentlemen, we've got a classic troll here. He's got a beef with this board and Phil. Just ignore him, as attention is what they seek. Let the mods play wack-a-mole until he hopefully tires and goes home, but don't give him the sastification of thinking he's upsetting you.


2007-Nov-28, 06:38 AM
As publius said, we have a troll in the building, if you don't like what he says, report it, don't feed him by commenting.

NB, the post by publius was originally a comment, but it was too relevant to move with the rest of the thread.

2007-Nov-28, 06:51 AM
Don't feed the troll
I had a funny image in my head of an elderly gentleman running towards a group of youths giggling and giving The Troll sweets and chocolate, the elderly gentleman is shouting Don't feed the troll repeatedly.

Kaptain K
2007-Nov-28, 07:10 AM
I wasn't "feeding the troll" (at least, I didn't think I was). I just wanted to know what had happened. What had piqued my curiosity was another thread where the poster had said that spaceflight101 had been banned for no reason, but when I looked at the Banned Posters thread, spaceflight101 wasn't listed.

2007-Nov-28, 07:44 AM
Some repeat sockpuppets aren't noted in the Banned Posters log, as getting even that much recognition seems to be enough to feed their compulsion.
By removing all visible1 track of them, so they can't even get the gratification of seeing that they've been mildly irritating pests, it's hoped they eventually give up.

1) The posts aren't deleted, but are moved to a closed facility to serve as documentation for previous behavior.

2007-Nov-28, 10:39 AM
I reported a post this morning from someone slagging off Phil and admitting to being a sock puppet. Was that thread removed then?:confused:

2007-Nov-28, 10:40 AM
Yes it was, and thank you for the report.

2007-Nov-28, 08:34 PM
Troll? Do they have that wrinkley face and messy hair? I find those really ugly and would never collect them.

2007-Nov-29, 12:01 PM
No, not those. They are cute compared to the ones we get here.

The Backroad Astronomer
2007-Nov-30, 07:44 AM
darn I guess I was found out.

2007-Dec-03, 04:26 AM
I've been passing this thread for sometime now and wonders who are you talking about?

Who's the Troll?


2007-Dec-03, 05:32 AM
I've been passing this thread for sometime now and wonders who are you talking about?

Who's the Troll?

I believe answering that would be feeding the troll. The trolll craves recognition. Don't provide it.

The subject troll presumed at least two sock-puppet identities the night of the trollling. Said ex-member was dismissed long ago, for bad behavior and made many sock-puppet appearances since.

Best forgotten, for sure, for good.

2007-Dec-03, 05:53 AM
Here's an article about good trolls. (http://www.bigfishtackle.com/Articles/george_tackle_reviews2.htm)

2007-Dec-03, 07:28 AM
Ok .

Understood 01101001.

and ..LOL Mak. :p

2007-Dec-03, 09:10 AM
Here's an article about good trolls. (http://www.bigfishtackle.com/Articles/george_tackle_reviews2.htm)

I understood every word of that, but could only make sense of half the sentences:)

2007-Dec-03, 10:47 AM
I understood every word of that, but could only make sense of half the sentences:)How close to the ocean are you?

2007-Dec-03, 10:58 AM
I know it's about fishing.

2007-Dec-03, 11:10 AM
I understood every word of that, but could only make sense of half the sentences:)

It might make more sense if you understand that the origins of the term "troll" as applied to the innertubes has nothing at all to do with bridges. It's a fishing technique where (essentially) you slowly drag an alluring piece of bait nearby and wait for something to bite.

It's more accurate to say that someone's "trolling for noobs" than it is to label someone a troll outright.

2007-Dec-03, 11:11 AM
I know it's about fishing.OK, I guess some of the jargon was, shall we say, foreign. http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/566/iconwink6tn.gif Many folks in the US can't understand what Californians are saying either, cool, dude, chill, like.

Man, this brings back memories of deep sea fishing way off Montauk Point, home of the actual Quint (http://www.smithdornanshea.com/montauk.html). We'd haul in bonito, shark, bluefish, stripers, etc. The most fun was fishing at night. My son was always along (he was in grade school/high school back then) and had a ball. I still can picture the scene when we turned on the underwater lights and saw thousands of squid pulsating through the water. My son had one word: "WOW!"

2007-Dec-03, 11:16 AM
Trolling, Trolling Trolling
Keep the Sock Puppets from Trolling
Raw Hide

Don't Try to understand them
Just Find and catch and Ban them
Soon we will be posting free and Wide

2007-Dec-03, 11:47 AM
Raw Hide

Thanks! that was great.