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2007-Nov-28, 06:24 PM
There will never be a better time to ask Santa for a telescope than this Christmas! Over the last few weeks the planet Mars has doubled in brightness... ...

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2014-Dec-23, 07:07 PM
Just logged on today to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas. Santa has already been extra nice to me this year; guess he didn't notice my hacking the bad/good list. Whew!

The house is full of equipment to build and books to read, PCBs to solder and discs to oggle. (Digging Windows 8.1.Pro as I never thought I would, and not using a replacement start menu! Kudos, MS.) The neuroscience texts are really hammering the physics ones, who are so far not getting any fair time. Just as a layman would with physics, I am finding my common knowledge about 50 years behind the actual state of affairs. I suppose that may be true of any field; kinda frightening.

Anway, may you all find yourselves in good health, excellent spirits, and tip-top intellectual condition.

(This was the shortest thread I could find on which to practice some minor thread necromancy.)

2014-Dec-24, 04:43 AM
Very merry Christmas to all!
And to those who don't celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace and joy!