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2003-Aug-02, 09:59 PM
...this is supposedly one of the arguments that the landings were faked.
Well, today I saw an interesting show on the Discovery Channel which showed some footage from lunar missions which I hadn't seen before - mainly astronauts having trouble walking in the lower gravity and repeatedly falling down (oftentime quite funny), before someone figured out how to move around using kangaroo hops.
The most interesting thing was that you could see them falling in something that looked like slo mo (quite majestically you might say) since they were in low gravity environment, but they were flailing their legs about, trying to regain their balance in what was most certainly real time.
No way was this shot in Earth gravity.
I wonder how would the HBs explain that (it'd probably involve an elaborate setup of ropes and pulleys...), but even if they could, what'd be the purpose of that? This imagery was certainly not something meant for public relations...


2003-Aug-02, 10:45 PM
You are indeed correct. Conspiracists will show a ten second clip of sped up footage, which seems to fit their hypothesis, while ignoring the others hours worth of footage, which, when sped up, produces comical motions in some respects. Sped up footage also fails to explain the high ballistic dust arcs.

Of course, this doesn't dissuade them. Some of the footage was sped up, some was shot using wires, some used CG, some was shot on location. Consistancy is not of paramount concern to the conspiracist.

2003-Aug-07, 11:56 PM
Um... if it was shot on location... doesn't that imply that they went to the moon? :-? (Not that I expect their arguments to make sense.)