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2007-Dec-04, 11:12 PM
I think it would be a good idea to have a climate change/ global warming episode. It would be really interesting to hear Fraser/Pamela's thoughts on what is essentially a planetary phenomena from an astronomy perspective. There's definitely a relevance: the climate change skeptics talk of sunspot cycles (etc), and I remember hearing S. Hawking say he was concerned our planet could do a Venus! That seems extreme, but do you guys agree?

2007-Dec-06, 09:56 AM

Think it would be great to go further and map the lifetime of the sun and explain Pamela's point about all the oceans evaporating in about 50 million years (which is when I think we do go Venus). The whole stellar birth, main sequence (with various fusion reactions explained) and ulimate red giant to white dwarf ending would be a fab. Still get the global warming thing in - but as a brief blip in the bigger story?

2007-Dec-19, 05:35 PM
If this episode were done it would be especially interesting because neither the USA nor Canada have ratified the Kyoto protocol.
I think it would be great to hear Pamela and Fraser's insight into a comparison between the warming we are experiencing in our lifetimes and the warming that has happened on geological (or astronomical) timelines (to earth).

2008-Jan-06, 02:26 PM
Just to throw my input into here, I would like to say to Pamela and Fraser that it is a great idea to throw a good half-hour to the global warming issue for its effects on the biosphere and composition of the atmosphere in era's to come. It would be extremely interesting to have an astronomical viewpoint on the matter which i have not had the pleasure of experiencing yet. I like the Idea, and I can't wait to see if anything comes out of this!