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2007-Dec-19, 09:38 PM
hi guys,

8 weeks passed by without one single chance for decent astrophotography except 1st of november when I imaged the

these days we have clear skies with superb transparency,...but seeing is really at its worse! minus 10 on pickering's scale...
so I had some time to write up my thoughts covering the interesting topic
monochromatic vs OSC - quite frankly, I tend to feel, that these different types of CCD do not necessarily need to be competitors....but please find time to check this out:

I'd appreciate any comments and thoughts you might have.

I know we have discussed this a couple of times,...it's just my attempt, to beat the DSI-less time for me here,...

2007-Dec-19, 10:24 PM
Interesting. I've never used OSC but your conclusions mirror what I had decided about them. Did you compare mono filtered color using binned color data to speed up that side of the collection process? How would that compare in quality and time needed? I bin 3x3 for color most of the time, unless the subject is really bright, and see little to no loss in the final image quality yet save a lot of imaging time by doing this. How it compares to OSC I don't have any idea.


2007-Dec-19, 11:37 PM
Very Good informative article Diets, I was thinking of getting a SBIG ST2000XCM i'm in debate to hold off and get the mono version but with a $700 difference. I never used a OSC and used CcdSoft on my ST402ME it has dark and subtract feature would it do the same with the OSC?. CcdOps has a feature to combine and show live the image in color but not sure if auto dark is applied in the process either. Anyway Thanks again

2007-Dec-20, 07:57 PM
Thanks for the informative article. Ihave wondered If all the extra exposure time for mono is really worth the effort when I have seen some of the marvelous OSC work out there. Given your analysis it seems that flexibilty is the key mono advantage.

Kind regards