View Full Version : ET Would Know There's Life on Earth

2007-Dec-20, 06:50 PM
It seems impossible to believe, but astronomers are now making plans to reach for the brass ring of planet hunting: to find Earth-sized worlds orbiting other stars, and then to analyze them to see if there's life. But you've got to know what you're looking for. That's why astronomers are considering what the Earth might [...]

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2007-Dec-20, 07:00 PM
I think that life might well arise on moons of giants that are in the habitable zone, quite often.

2007-Dec-21, 04:21 AM
they might even be able to detect that we were undergoing unusually fast global warming...

2007-Dec-25, 08:07 PM
they might even be able to detect that we were undergoing unusually fast global warming...

I don't see where that would be obvious unless you lived here. It ain't that radical.

2007-Dec-27, 08:42 PM
Maybe even albedo changes over time would indicate the presence of an industrial civilisation, to a continuous observation campaign (given a single pixel to work with).

I am just thinking that any ET detecting life on earth will also detect the signature of civilisation in the data, and speculating as how it would manifest, rather than making any comments on the impact of GW. I guess it would be as relevant to look for the signature of a global thermonuclear war, or desertification, or GM-monocultures, or any other impact of runaway technological effects yet to be developed. For the same reason as planetary searches are currently finding the obvious oddballs.

2007-Dec-31, 12:15 AM
Trans, please, read no hostility on my part but I sincerely doubt even an advanced race living in the Centari system could tell. Think about it. Our moon alone swings 3 to 4 hundred degrees F. just going from day to night. and E.T. is supposed to notice a 3 degree differnce over thirty years? I find this stretchs what I'm willing to accept about thier abilities. Maybe if they were already in system... but otherwise no. I think its just our dirty little secret.

2007-Dec-31, 12:48 AM
Of course there is life on Earth. Who else sends us those great golden frisbees? ;-)

2007-Dec-31, 06:05 AM
I think to find a planet where life might exist will require they detect a rocky crust planet with an atmosphere where these gases exist:

Water in vapor form
Carbon Dioxide and possibly Carbon Monoxide

And this is true even if the lifeforms on other planets aren't based on carbon.