View Full Version : The Dangerous Book for Boys

2007-Dec-28, 01:52 PM
My brother bought this yesterday, and he let me look at it.
There's a solar system guide with very solid facts, including a brief discussion of the Pluto controversy.
There are also some tips for navigating by the stars, and a great chart of lunar features, plus some good info on Apollo.
Last, but not least, the book explains the important difference between astronomy and astrology.
I hope the girl's book is this good!

Paul Beardsley
2007-Dec-28, 02:16 PM
My sister got the girls' book. She let me have a look. It's got some great stuff about the difference between crochet and knitting, how to apply makeup to best attract boys, and how to turn the tears on when you're not getting your own way.

(The above paragraph is a complete lie. I don't even have a sister.)

Seriously, though, I applaud the book - from what I've heard, it's trying to cut through political correctness to reclaim the fun of learning, exploring, getting hands-on experience and so on. I hope the girls are served as well.

2007-Dec-29, 06:46 AM
It's an excellent book and chock-full of great stuff. I actually received it as a gift last Christmas and re-read it recently.