View Full Version : Book Review: Rocketeers

2007-Dec-28, 06:30 PM
People as a group don't get credit for making great advances. Individuals are the ones who rise above the background noise of humanity, and their suggestions or offerings provide a new thrust for our civilization. Edison brought ready energy to peoples' houses; the Wright brothers brought ready transport across vast distances. Michael Belfiore in his [...]

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2007-Dec-29, 09:11 PM
Does anybody else think that "rocketeer" is one of the coolest words in the English language?

2007-Dec-29, 09:24 PM
are all nearly eulogized as being the bestGillian! I think I need some help here. Can you be nearly eulogized? I know a eulogy doesn't have to be on the death of the subject, but what does it mean to be nearly eulogized?

Anyway, Fraser, sounds like an interesting book.