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2007-Dec-28, 07:05 PM
I thought I heard a reference to the star Myra (Breckenridge-no doubt!) Unless there is a misunderstanding on my part, the BA said something about the star having a UV trail, that was 17 LY long, and it had been doing this for 37,000 years.....I was wondering if the star was moving that fast...in order to leave a 17 LY long trail of gas, or if he meant it was 37,000 years for the light to reach us?

Dale in Ala

2007-Dec-28, 07:45 PM
I thought I heard a reference to the star Myra [...]

Mira. The BA was discussing one of his top 10 astronomy pictures of the year (http://www.badastronomy.com/bablog/2007/12/13/top-ten-astronomy-pictures-of-2007/).

The original blog article about Mira, with a fuller explanation, was: The Wonderful (http://www.badastronomy.com/bablog/2007/08/15/the-wonderful/)

A key quote:

The long tail of ejected material is incredible ó itís 13 light years long! It has taken Mira 30,000 years to move this distance, which means that the material in the left hand side of the tail was ejected 30 millennia ago.

Yes, the star is moving that fast. Very fast.

Mira, it so happens, is plowing through this local region of space at about 130 kilometers per second (about 80 miles per second).

2008-Jan-02, 08:16 PM
Cow, Holy!! I did not know it was going that fast...This is really neat!!

Thanks for the answer...


2008-Jan-03, 06:42 PM
Forgot to add, "Miraable dictu....eh Father??"