View Full Version : MERDAT MER image data decoding and imaging software.

2007-Dec-30, 03:52 AM
Hello folks,

If you have an interest in the MER images from Spirit and Opportunity.
I have released some software that was designed specifically for manipulating and displaying the available data, that can be deduced from the filename.

I called it MERDAT.

It will make approximate true colour images, 3D red/cyan anaglyphs, AVI movie sequences, decode all the data encrypted in the filename into Time on Earth UTC, and local time zone, Spacecraft and location, camera, eye(left or right) filter in use, tag images with Sol and Earth time, etc, and more.

I would like to point you, first my web page, to see what it is I am.
The above page is long and has a few images.

Then the download page for MERDAT.

Then, you should look at this page to find out how to unlock it, so the images that you create can be saved.


There are some sample images and links to AVI movies on the above page.

Thanking you. Kevin.

2008-Jan-13, 03:26 PM
Hi folks, I have updated the download of MERDAT and it is at a new website.


Cheers, K.