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2007-Nov-11, 05:25 AM
Hello, I used to take little hot drinks regularly in which I use 2 spoons of sugar. My cholesterol is high and I am on Statins. I am a thin person, but I did try diets first to lower levels, but this had no affect. The only thing that I am thinking is the amount of sugar I use. Can sugar affect my Cholesterol level, even though I donít eat that much in the way of fatty foods? What is your opinion?

Ronald Brak
2007-Nov-11, 05:55 AM
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To answer your question, cholesterol is only found in animal fats so sugar won't directly increase your cholesterol level (trace amounts are found in plants, but they are not significant). But there is evidence that eating lots of simple carbohydrates such as sugar can contribute to high cholesterol. If you are on statins it would be a very good idea to reduce your intake of them. Common souces of simple carbohydrates are white bread, potatoes and junk food such as soft drinks.