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Dave Mitsky
2008-Jan-17, 03:05 PM
There's a recent article on David Levy at http://www.vailsun.com/articles/2008/01/15/news/news1.txt

I first met David at the 1995 Winter Star Party. When my friend Tony Donnangelo and I were at the SSSP in Bolivia in 2004 we spent a couple of nights observing with him. He spent some of that time looking for comets, of course. There's an audio account of the event at http://www.letstalkstars.com/archive.asp?year=2004 under the 9/21/04 listing.

Dave Mitsky

2008-Jan-17, 07:08 PM
Thank you

2008-Jan-19, 06:33 PM
Sometime in the early 1990's I had dinner with him and some friends of mine in Evansville, IN.:)

Joe Wheelock

2008-Jan-20, 09:40 AM
I met him once here in Montreal. Nice man. :)