View Full Version : Telescope viewing - Which is better?

2003-Aug-14, 02:00 PM
I wear contact lenses, but also have glasses. Which would be better for viewing? I find that it's a bit easier to look in the scope with the contacts, but since I'm closing my left eye my vision gets kind of blurry. Anyone else have a good solution?

2003-Aug-14, 02:11 PM
Your telescope can be focussed, right? You should be able to look through the telescope without either your glasses or contacts, and just use the telescope's focus to compensate for your vision.

That would only be a problem if you're intending to find stuff through the 'scope and then have others look through it to see what you're looking at. If it's in focus for you, it'll be out of focus for them.

2003-Aug-14, 02:45 PM
Good point. I'll give that a try tonight. Thanks!

2003-Aug-14, 03:00 PM
The only time that wouldn't work, I think, is when you have a strong astigmatism. But with just a slight astigmatism, it's more comfortable to take off the glasses and contacts and easier to see.

Kaptain K
2003-Aug-14, 05:35 PM
Sometimes, especially with eyepieces that have short eye relief, it is hard to see the full field when wearing glasses. :wink:

Donnie B.
2003-Aug-14, 08:13 PM
Some of us are so myopic that binocs (at least) don't have enough focus range to work without glasses. Maybe some scopes do, though.

One problem with contacts: if you have astigmatism and toric lenses to correct it, those rely on gravity for proper operation. This is normally fine, but with some scopes you're looking down into the eyepiece (or at some other angle), so the lenses can drift off-axis and not function right.

Here's another thought: try leaving your other eye open and mentally "dismissing" any image you get from that eye. Marksmen have been doing this for centuries. If all else fails, consider an eyepatch.

2003-Aug-14, 08:38 PM
Looks like I'm just going to have to play around with it until I get something that feels comfortable and allows me to see as much as possible. I do have a pretty bad astigmatism, but I'll work with it and see what I can do. Thanks for the advice!

2003-Aug-14, 09:09 PM
I usually take my glasses off when looking through telescopes and binocs. I haven't tried using my contacts (need to purchase more) but they should work fine. Most of the time I take my glasses off (I've found if I leave them off, my vision actually improves somewhat, allowing me to do naked-eye referencing before looking into the scope) because the eyepieces don't fit well around my frames.

mike alexander
2003-Aug-17, 11:44 PM
I'm into this one myself because with my glasses on the field is too restricted and with them off I can't see well enough to operate the hand controller, find an alternate eyepiece, etc.

My solution is to wear glasses on a chain around your neck and put them on/ take 'em off as necessary. Clunky, but workable. (I also agree on the eyepatch solution, although if you are at a dark enough site it shouldn't be necessary. Just ignore the other eye)

The other solution is longer-relief eyepieces. Which brings up my question to the viewing community: have any suggestions based on experience on the best oculars for eyeglass wearers? Example: I curently have Meade Plossls which seem to be pretty fair eyepieces but don't give great relief.

Would welcome suggestions.

2003-Aug-18, 12:30 AM
I usually cover up my other eye, or simply try and focus on the one I'm looking through in the scope. I tried using my glasses when viewing, but they got smudged from the cheap plastics/rubber.

2003-Aug-18, 01:30 PM
I went out last night and I tried without the glasses, only using them when I needed to find things. it focused quite well, or about as well as I could tell since my viewing around here it pretty much crap. Too many damn lights. One of these days I'm gonna go find a nice dark spot. :-?

2003-Aug-20, 05:53 PM
Hi 6644,
Kilopi touched a very important point,astigmatism.
I have a Takahashi refractor with a range of Pentax eyepieces.
These have 20 mm eye relief.I have astigmatism in my right eye,
but if I keep to an exit pupil diameter of less than 1 mm,which means
more than 70 times on my scope,the stars I see are perfect.
Hope this helps you