View Full Version : NASA Astronaut Survey: No Launch Day Drinking

2008-Jan-24, 03:50 PM
A NASA survey of astronauts and flight surgeons released on January 23, 2008 turned up no evidence of launch day drinking by flight crews, contradicting an earlier report by a health care panel that disclosed two instances of drunken astronauts. NASA surveyed 87 of all 98 astronauts as well as all 31 flight surgeons. [...]

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2008-Jan-24, 07:42 PM
Can't get the link.

2008-Jan-26, 02:06 AM
Personally, if you strap MY butt onto those solid SRBs, I'm having SEVERAL drinks first....


2008-Jan-26, 02:16 AM
OK, got the link now.

So they are going through their version of how the Janet Jackson Halftime aftermath... someone does something incredibly stupid in public, and there's a moral panic and a crackdown.