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Prester John
2003-Aug-15, 09:33 AM
Ok after years of promising myself im going to get myself a telescope. What do people think of the Firstscope 70 EQ telescope, a 2.8" Refractor to start off with. It looks a good price (130) and claims to be ideal for the beginner. to me it looks like a good place to start, not too expensive if i decide i don't like sitting out in the Brecon beacons in the middle of the night but good enough to get some good observations.

Any help appreciated, and if any one know some good places to do observations near Cardiff in the UK let me know :)



2003-Aug-15, 09:54 AM
I bought my first telescope about a year ago now. I got myself a 4.5" newtonian reflector - http://www.dhinds.co.uk/firstscope114eqa.htm

It's served me pretty well so far, would like to get a big fat scope but being a student denies me the funds to do this.....

As for locations, I haven't managed to wander to far from Bath recently, although I am planing on going to either Dartmoor or the Salisbury plains at some point. I imagine that the Brecon Beacons are probably your best bet from Cardiff.

Kaptain K
2003-Aug-15, 12:16 PM
I'm assuming that you mean the Celestron Firstscope 70:


Good starter scope. Remember - the best scope is the one you use. 8)