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Keith g
2008-Jan-28, 09:06 PM
Hi all, The clouds unveiled a sparkling Orion last night, some of the best skies I've seen in some months, and I could'nt resist having a go at attempting to get a deep image of Orion's belt and Nebula.

Orion's belt itself is very bright, joined by the brilliant Flame Nebula NGC2024 and IC434 with the famous Horsehead Nebula B33 to the left. At upper left, two other deepsky objects can be seen, these are Barnard's loop, just seen in red, and M78. To the right of Rigel, bottom right, I have caught the outline of the blue reflection withhead nebula, IC2118.

Strangly, the camera has picked up a lot of blue to the right of the image. Finally, the famous Orion nebula M42 is easily seen, and is quite large in size ! along with starcluster NGC 1981, and the running man nebula NGC1977 above M42.

I'm very happy with this shot of such a great area !
Details: Canon 400D, 70mm 'L' lens at f4.5, ISO 800, stack of 11 four minute shots and 5 dark frames.



2008-Jan-28, 09:16 PM
Fantastic image! You picked up a lot of faint detail, even things like the Witch Head Nebula and Barnard's loop.

2008-Jan-28, 11:06 PM
A great widefield shot.

Kind regards

2008-Jan-29, 05:25 AM
Hi Keith, A Great very wide shot of orion region. Many wellknown objects easily seen a Excellent photo welldone and clear skies.

2008-Jan-29, 11:48 AM
Gorgeous Picture. Thanx Keith!