View Full Version : A Nova Doesn't Create, It Destroys

2008-Jan-29, 01:00 AM
Astronomers used to think that brief stellar eruptions called novae generated massive amounts of dust. But new observations of a well known nova system called RS Ophiuchus shows that isn't the case. The dust was there already, and a nova blast just clears it all away.

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2008-Jan-29, 04:04 AM
I suggest that the title is an unfortunate choice of words. The action that leads to a nova has included a chain of fusion that has produced the dust particles from hydrogen over time with the nova event releasing these particles into the surrounding environment and blowing away previously existing dust particles. Evolving our precision in the choice of words to describe cosmological events and processes can not but help our ability to practice ever increasing robustness in our thinking.

2008-Jan-29, 04:24 AM
Clearing away and destroying aren't the same thing.

2008-Jan-30, 02:34 PM
Yup, the nova could still be creating (transmuting) new elements while blowing away old dust.