View Full Version : Triquetulum?

2002-Mar-09, 11:53 PM
In the famous "lost episode" of the 1966 series "The Prisoner," (which is really just the second episode with a couple of scenes that were later cut) our hero reveals a tripod-mounted -- um -- thing -- that he calls a Triquetulum, which he says was used to measure the position of the stars...

I haven't been able to find any references to this instrument... Was there really such a thing? (It looked like nothing more fancy than a surveyor's transit: a sighting tube with measuring scales for alt and az.)

I got to play with a surveyor's transit one summer, and made all sorts of (youthful!) measurements. I want to try to observe and measure the curvature of the earth, but I lacked the skill...

(Actually, what I lacked was the "baseline" from which other measurements derive... "Give me a place to stand...")