View Full Version : The Environmental Impact of a Return to the Moon

2008-Jan-31, 09:50 PM
There are many ways space exploration can affect our environment right here on Earth: toxic chemicals used to manufacture the rocket, carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere and the energy used to manufacture the equipment and vehicles, just to name a few. For the next era in space exploration, the Constellation Program, NASA has released [...]

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2008-Jan-31, 11:06 PM
I bet the environment impact will be a net positive--the last time we went to the moon, there were so many spinoff technologies (that we could have theoretically invented without going to the moon, but in reality, we had not) and surely some of them were positive for the environment, at worst as a replacement for something more negative. Fuel cells could become an example of this.

Returning to the moon should only be more and better.

Ronald Brak
2008-Jan-31, 11:58 PM
Research, both basic and applied, contributes to the development of new technologies. But there is nothing about research dollars spent on space technology that makes them more effective then research dollars spent on other projects. Money spent on developing ocean floor bases would also produce spin off technology. However, if the goal is to solve evironmental problems on earth neither moon bases or ocean floor bases are likely to be efficient uses of money. It would be far more efficient to use the money to directly research solutions to environmental problems.

I guess some people might get upset with me for pointing this out, but it certainly appears to be the truth and good ideas aren't hurt by the truth.