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2008-Feb-02, 07:32 PM

While waiting for the clouds to clear from the low eastern dawn sky,(Venus & Jupiter pair), I pointed the camera overhead at the waning crescent Moon. Naked eye I could see a star (Antares) close to the dark part of the Moon. As the processed image shows, there were three in a line. Despite the hazy cloud, seeing must have been pretty steady to capture the faint 6th magnitude star in close to the dark limb, which had just emerged from being occulted by the Moon. In a bit darker sky I might even have seen M4!

2nd image shows sky conditions.

Clear skies...

2008-Feb-02, 10:04 PM
Very nice images, especially considering the seeing conditions. I wish I was up early enough to get stuff like this :P.

2008-Feb-03, 12:03 AM
Fantastic shot. Did mean hand held when you said 'pointed'? Great exposure to get the stars and not flare the moon too much. If we get a clear morning I hope to get a look at the moon Jupiter and Venus.

Kind regards

2008-Feb-03, 06:39 PM
Great job getting all those objects together.

2008-Feb-04, 05:14 PM
Very very nice Shevill, Nice widefield angle to capture the stars and the moon and with not ideal conditions it came out super. Welldone and Clear Skies