View Full Version : M42, M43 & Orion's Trapezium Closeup

2008-Feb-04, 09:40 PM
Hi All,

Here is a shot I took from my back yard in the city of Dayton last Saturday night.
10" Meade SCT Scope & Modified(baader) Canon 20D DSLR, 7.5 minutes total.

Although I have dozens of excellent M42 shots taken over the years, I had not looked at it in a while or taken a shot yet this season. As always M42 is a wonderfully detailed nebula, regardless of the city lights.

The Trapezium looks like a clutch of eggs at M42's center.

The comma shape bubble at the top is M43.

No filters used....
Although there were a lot of high cirrus clouds and haze up there Saturday night.

Its not my best shot, but for just screwing around in the backyard with a DSLR it didn't turn out too bad!

5 minute exposure (1 minute subs)
2.5 minute exposure (30 sec subs)
Stacked 2 different image groups in "Nebulosity Program",
a short exposure Trapezium group(2.5min) and a longer exposure nebula group(5min).
Processsed in Adobe with a "Layer Mask", to show the Trapezium and fine structure near the Trap, along with dusty nebula details.

paul f. campbell
2008-Feb-04, 11:13 PM
Hey John.
That is a great photo for only 7.5 total minutes. I took the new scope out yesterday and yes just as I got set up the clouds moved right over my house.
and would not move out. Does this happen to very body who buys new astronomy stuff or is it just me. Anyway nice work. Clear skies Paul.

2008-Feb-04, 11:58 PM
I will never tire of this one and each new shot shows a new detail. I love the interlaced reflection fillaments around trapezium in this one. Lovely work.

Kind regards

2008-Feb-05, 03:33 AM
Very nice picture John. The trapezium is very clearly visible. The purple tones throughout are interesting as well.

Does this happen to very body who buys new astronomy stuff or is it just me.
Dunno Paul. About six weks ago, I gave my telescope a complete overhaul, cleaning, lubing, fixing a few broken parts, tightening, realigning, etc. I've only be able to use it once since, thanks to the weather.


2008-Feb-05, 03:55 AM

Yes, the 'new scope curse' as others on this forum have told me. I waited three weeks before a reasonable viewing night when mine came out of the box and this after nearly a month of clear weather.

Kind regards

2008-Feb-05, 06:51 PM
Thanks Guys,

Its amazing what can been done with a Digital SLR,

Has anyone seen the new Canon Digital Rebel XSi Camera?

here is a link, it just keeps getting better and better, 12 megapixel, live focus,3" display screen, etc.

Check it out!

2008-Feb-06, 06:50 PM
Hi John, Beautiful picture you got there with excellent results on a dslr. Lots of details and cloud (dust) structures. For a short period of exposures you caught alot of photons Welldone! and Clear Skies

2008-Feb-09, 07:12 PM
Purple glory. :) Excellent.

2008-Feb-10, 09:38 AM
Beautiful Photo indeed !
Canon cameras are really Great.